Can Increase Property Value?

By Jerry April 15, 2021

Can Increase Property Value?


Fencing your home is a good way to improve its curb appeal and safety. A fence can serve as an ornamental accessory to enhance the home’s appearance. It also introduces a measure of privacy and helps protect the property from intruders.

In the past, wood used to be the choice material for owners who wanted to fence their homes. But with the rising profile of vinyl as an elite fencing material, more homeowners are opting for vinyl fencing.

There are many benefits to installing a vinyl fence, but the question homeowners often ask is “will a vinyl fence make my home more valuable?”

Will vinyl fencing improve your home’s value?


Yes, as Pillar Management states, a can increase the value of your home because:

  • More than 57% of Canadian households own a dog and more than 44% own a cat
  • More than 40% of Canadian homes have under-aged children
  • Homeowners want to be able to engage in private activities in the seclusion of their yard

Quite naturally, pet owners and parents with small children prefer homes with a fenced yard. But most of these buyers do not want to go to the trouble of installing the fence themselves. This makes homes with an existing fence more valuable to buyers.

Although this can be said for any type of fencing material, homes fenced with vinyl are a lot more attractive to buyers for the following reasons:

Why homebuyers prefer vinyl fencing?

Vinyl combines the benefits of other fencing materials while avoiding most of their downsides. It mimics the aesthetics of wood but does not have the maintenance issues that come with wood fencing. It is as sturdy as steel or wrought iron fencing but homeowners do not have to worry about corrosion. 

Here are some of the benefits of vinyl fencing.

  1. Affordability


Vinyl is cheaper than wood or iron in the upfront cost of acquiring the fence and the long-term costs of maintaining it. When you install a vinyl fence, buyers know they have sturdy fencing that will leave a hole in their pocket.

  1. Low-maintenance

A vinyl fence does not need to be repainted, stained, or treated to preserve its appearance or keep it from wearing away.  There is no risk of the material being attacked by termites or the panels splitting. Vinyl will retain its color regardless of changes in temperature and humidity.

  1. Ease of installation

A vinyl fence is easy to install. The material comes in prefabricated panels that slide easily into place. There is no need to haul heavy iron rods or cut wooden boards. This significantly lowers the installation cost of vinyl fencing versus other types of fencing.

  1. Attractive and versatile