Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How Strong is Vinyl Fencing?
Vinyl fencing is strengthened during extrusion with impact modifiers, exceeding the necessary requirements for optimum performance.
Will Vinyl fencing turn yellow or deteriorate like resin patio furniture?

No. Vinyl fencing contains a non-chalking titanium dioxide (TiO2), high grade stabilizers, plus other ingredients that prevent ultraviolet degradation. It is warranted against discoloration and field proven to maintain its original color.

Is Vinyl Fence more cost effective than wood fence?

Yes it is. A comparable quality wood fence, such as #1 grade clear cedar or grade “A” redwood (along with a periodic, wood-preservative spray to maintain it) often costs more than vinyl fence.

How do you clean Vinyl Fence?

A mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep your vinyl fence looking new.  “Soft scrub” or baking soda works well on tough stains. Simple green and super fine steel wool (0000) works well on extra stubborn stains.

Can Vinyl Gates be made?

Yes. Gates are made from the same material used for the fence. Qualified fabricators use a variety of special techniques to produce strong, long-lasting gates.

Can I get custom styles?

Yes. Virtually any style can be made from vinyl.

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