Vinyl Fencing Versus Wood fencing

Vinyl Fencing is an incredible pick for your home as it is solid, reliable, maintenance free as well as highly cost-effective. With its availability in an assortment of style, Vinyl Fencing is picking up prominence among households.

Which Option To Choose-Vinyl Fence or Wood Fence solicitor crying

Are you looking forward to installing a new fence or replacing the old fence but can’t choose between wood fence and vinyl fence. Don’t fret as you are not the only one. Most homeowners witness this confusion.

As fencing not only assures security but also adds to the aesthetic value thus, a little extra care must be given before making the decision.

To clear out the confusion and reach a conclusion read below and you will surely be able to make an informed decision:

  1. Durability and Strength

Durability is a critical factor that you need to keep in mind when taking the decision. Well, installed vinyl fencing does not collapse or crumple and can last for quite a long time. Being almost five times stronger than the wood fencing, vinyl fencing can easily ride out fungus, pest, decay and severe weather conditions. Likewise, vinyl wall fencing is heat resistant and does not break or split. The list of advantages doesn’t end here; the vinyl fencing is also fire resistant. Whereas, in severe weather conditions, the wooden fencing often collapses and causes damage. Thus, vinyl fence wins out wood fencing in durability.

Our company utilizes 150 wall thicknesses and 5 x 5 posts as compared to the standard size of fence installation which is 120 wall thickness and 4 x 4 posts thus durability and strength are guaranteed. Also, our vinyl fence is made of vinyl that contains a high percentage of titanium dioxide that protects the fence from UV rays and enhances the performance and durability of the fences. So, you can conveniently install the vinyl fencing and forget about for years to come.

We manufacture fences that are high in quality, and the heavyweight pickets guarantee strength to withstand warping and oil canning. Our fences are sturdy than others as our fences clip together using the tongue and groove connection. Unlike other vinyl fencing companies, we don’t use the visible brackets that are susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Instead, we rely on the routed posts that assure clean and concealed connections.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Vinyl fence is super easy to maintain, and it is a rather better option if you have less time for maintenance and upkeep. To retain its beauty and original color shading, no extra stains, paints or sealants are required. It can be easily cleaned by merely using water and soap cleanser to remove the graffiti and collected dirt. On the other hand, wooden fencing requires maintenance on the regular basis. It requires upkeep every three to four years, and it also needs to be stained. In this way, vinyl fencing is a brilliant alternative for fencing over the choice of wood fencing.

  1. Cost

If you are looking for a high quality, worthy, and long-term investment, then Vinyl fencing should be your choice. Initially, it may seem more expensive than wood fencing, but it is beneficial in the long run as less expenditure needs to be done for its maintenance and repairs. Therefore, the overall cost of vinyl fencing is much lower, and it is a great investment for your home.

Thus, vinyl fencing should be your pick if you are looking for adding the fence to your home. Contact us and we will ensure you high-quality services. Our more than twenty years of experience help you perform better. We feature an extensive collection of vinyl fences to choose from in terms of patterns, colors, and styles to not only accentuate the beauty of your home but also add value to your property.

Also, we are your one-stop-shop for fencing expert as we will even make customized gates featuring self-closing hinges to complement your home design. We understand that security is an essential element and thus offer key entry gates.