Vinyl Railing Versus Wooden Railing

If you are planning to take up home improvement project, vinyl railing should top the priority chart as it is quite sturdy and requires no or little maintenance. Vinyl railings are easily available in a range of style, color, and stains and assure privacy. The vinyl railing is an affordable choice as there is no need for replacement or repair for years to come.

Vinyl Railing Versus Wooden Railing

If you are on a look out for the best railing for your deck or home and confused which railing material to choose, don’t worry. Here is all that you need to know to make an informed decision. Adding a railing is not a small decision as it not only enhances the look of the property but also enhance its value.

When it comes to railing materials, the common choices include wood, metal, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wrought iron and stainless steel. The two popular choices are vinyl and wood railing, and often most homeowners find it difficult to choose which one to pick. But before you make any decision you need to keep in mind that choosing the right kind of railing is important as it provides safety and enhance the aesthetics of the house.

Here are some reasons why you must prefer vinyl railing over wooden railing:

  1. Durable

Did you know that vinyl is four times flexible than wood and almost five times stronger to the wood? Thus, the vinyl railing is a better pick as it is both durable and flexible in comparison to wooden railings. Additionally, you have never to stress over peeling, rankling, rusting or decomposition in the case of the vinyl railing. Within few years, wooden railing looks worn out and mars the beauty of your home whereas vinyl railing will stand the test of the time and harsh weather conditions.

Our range of vinyl railing is quite exhaustive and made with selected raw materials to ensure strength and durability. As we use the vinyl that is made of high percentage titanium dioxide, our railings can stand harsh UV rays and doesn’t wither or crack. Also, we use vinyl railings that feature a steel reinforced bottom rail for the rigid and stronger railing that reduces the chances of sagging and bowing.

  1. Low Maintenance

If you are tied up in your personal and professional life and have no time for maintaining the railing, then you must choose vinyl railing. The only maintenance required for vinyl railing is hose cleaning or washing with soap solution and cloth. As compared to the vinyl railing, wooden railing requires maintenance in the terms of staining and painting to make them look good. Our vinyl railing allows the space for thermal expansion which occurs due to UV rays and prevents it from damage.

  1. Style

In comparison to the limited styles and choices in the wooden railing, the vinyl railing collection is vast. It is available in various solid colors, speckled patterns, traditional trimmings and beautiful patterns. The wide range of vinyl railings includes classy to sleek styles to add beauty and class to your home interior and exterior. Add some drama to your home with our range of vinyl railings. You need not worry about fading of the railings as our dark color railings, and stain blends come with fade protection.

  1. Cost Effective

The vinyl railing is very affordable as compared to the wooden railing as the product has a long running life with no replacement required. At first, you might feel wooden railing is less expensive, but the cost of maintenance, in the long run, is quite high. After every few years, you need to spend money on staining, and painting of the railing to make it look good. While once you have installed the vinyl railing, you need not worry about its upkeep. We even offer lifetime transferable warranty that includes the replacement and labor costs.

  1. Privacy

The privacy factor cannot be matched between vinyl and wooden railing as the wooden railing completely fails to provide the privacy. We have a range of designs in vinyl railing with small or no spaces in the middle of balustrades for the deck railing to provide a retreat.

We have more than two decades of experience in vinyl railing installation, and we offer a variety of styles and versatile products. All our products are National Building Code compliance and assure timely installation. Additionally, our vinyl railing can withstand the test of time and transform your deck or yard into a serene or private place.

Two-story 42'' maintenance free vinyl railing
Two-story 42” maintenance free vinyl railing