Vinyl Arbors

Vinyl Arbors

Arbors have an old school charm, an air of magnificence and many people perceive them in a romantic sense. Arbors have their origin in the medieval times when they were put up to provided shaded walkways.

Vinyl arbors have been all the rage the moment. Installing and caring for arbors has never been easier. Vinyl arbors add an extra dimension to your garden. You could use them to anchor the walkways. If you have a small garden, a vinyl arbor would not only add height to it but also provide an architectural element for the purpose of vertical planting.

Combine a vinyl arbor with vinyl trellis and you have got a structure that would also take care of your privacy needs. Not to mention it adds an element of exquisiteness to your outdoors. Vinyl arbors are cost efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Vinyl Arbors

Read on to know why vinyl arbors score over wood and metal arbors.

  • Weatherproof

Unlike wood and metal, vinyl is a highly weatherproof material. Vinyl arbors usually come in white color. They keep on looking new for a very long time irrespective of the weather conditions at where you live. The white color doesn’t peel, crack or fade away and you will never see a vinyl arbor turning soft grey. A vinyl arbor wouldn’t rot like the wood arbors nor will it rust like the metal ones. It won’t heat up during the summers. So you don’t have to worry about your plants and vines getting scorched.

  • Efficient and Practical

A vinyl arbor does much more than just adorning at the entrance of the pathway. Like me mentioned earlier, if provides you a structure to grow plants and vines on. You could grow exotic floral vines and fruit-bearing climbers. It would definitely breathe life into your garden making it look very eccentric and stunning.

If you wish to add an element of privacy to your outdoors, combining a vinyl arbor with vinyl trellises would be a great idea. You could plant vines on the trellis as well and the entire setup will take the landscape of your garden to an all new level.

  • Easy to Maintain

Once installed, the only care that you have to take is to clean vinyl arbor once in a while. You can sponge it with a mild soap diluted in water to get rid of the dust and grime. Wash it off using your garden hose. You could let it air dry under the sun or you could wipe it off, whatever works for you.

  • Wide Range of Designs

Vinyl arbors come in plenty of designs to choose from, both simple and intricate. Choose your pick depending on the style of your house and the rest of the structures in your garden.

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