Vinyl Pergola Versus Wooden

Pergolas are a must have if you want to enjoy an extension of your living space and even adds an aesthetic touch to your house. Available in unlimited designs, Vinyl pergolas provides a guarantee against fading, chipping, and cracking. They are cost-effective as you need not spend money on the upkeep, repair or replacement of vinyl pergolas.

Vinyl Pergola Versus Wooden Pergola

Do you want to add to the aesthetics of the entranceway or porch? One option that you must consider is adding a beautiful pergola. It can help you create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living space yet defining each of them. Vinyl and wood are the two most common materials used to make pergolas. But wood pergolas have lost their sheen, and vinyl pergolas rule the market trend. If you aren’t sure which material to choose to give your home the needed face lift consider some of the reasons why vinyl pergola should be preferred:

  1. Cost

A wood pergola is less expensive, in terms of materials in comparison to the vinyl pergola but the cost of maintenance is very high. On the other hand, the cost of the vinyl pergola is high, but the cost of repair and maintenance is almost negligible. Therefore, ultimately vinyl pergola proves to be a cheaper option.

  1. Maintenance  

The wooden pergolas require frequent sealing and painting for its maintenance as it deteriorates with time. On the other hand, Vinyl pergola can easily stand harsh weather conditions with minimum maintenance required in terms of painting and repair. A simple wash with water and detergent is enough for its cleaning.

  1. Safety

In comparison to the wood pergola, there is no worry of termites and rotting in case vinyl pergola. The rotting and termites make the wooden pergola weak and accident prone while vinyl pergolas stay strong for years together. Our pergolas are clean, and feature nice finish as concealed fasteners is used. Our vinyl pergolas have a strong structure that is installed with top most safety and security, and thus, you will not see the brackets, screws, or glue. All our pergolas come with Class A rating for flame spread. Thus, you need not worry about fire. Thus, you can be sure that pergolas will not ignite and can be conveniently categorized as “self- extinguishing”.

  1. Beautiful Design

To help you find the pergola that blends well with your home exterior and speaks about your taste, we provide huge range vinyl pergolas available in different designs and sizes. Our collection features pergolas in a wide range of shapes including round designs, square columns and semi shade rooftops. Though, you will have to compromise a little in terms of color as vinyl pergolas come only in white color. But in the case of the wooden pergola, you often need to compromise in terms of looks. Our company is known for creating beautiful and stable vinyl pergola with a 8 x 8 structural post filled with concrete to ensure stability. It is not all; we even feature pergolas that are as tall as 20 feet and with a 16 x 24 post structure with 2×8 structural steel and load bearing columns.

  1. Strength

When it comes to strength vinyl is quite strong in comparison to the wood. Also, vinyl is resilient to the wind, rain, and other harsh weather and doesn’t crack, warp or split. Thus, of the two choices vinyl pergolas are better than wood pergolas. As our pergolas are made of vinyl that contains titanium dioxide in large volume, it can easily bear the harmful UV rays. Thus, the chances of cracking or weathering are negligible. We assure high-quality and sturdy pergolas that are sure to last a lifetime.

With our twenty years of experience, we ensure a hassle-free installation. Our aim is to help you get your dream outdoor space by giving you a pergola that will last a lifetime and will fit in your budget. What makes us best in the industry is the fact that our warranty includes the labor cost to remove or replace the defective pergolas. It is not all; we even offer transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty to the homeowners at no additional charge.