Vinyl Trellis

Vinyl Trellises

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add an element of charm to your home is by installing vinyl trellises. The garden trellis not only adds an aesthetic touch to the landscape and walls but also add to its value. You can erect a trellis almost anywhere and grow diverse fauna on it to add to the beauty of your home exterior. At, we take full responsibility of installing the vinyl trellises that will suit your requirements, protects your outdoor living space and accentuates its beauty. Unlike the traditional materials used for trellises, vinyl trellises are highly suitable as they are cost effective, sturdy, and requires no or little maintenance.

Benefits Of Vinyl Trellises

Following are the primary reasons behind the popularity of vinyl trellises:

  1. Weather resistant: Vinyl trellises are sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like heat, wind, rain, snow and hailstorm. Also, vinyl trellises don’t heat up as they are heat-friendly whereas trellises made from metal or wrought iron get extremely hot during the summer season resulting in the burning of the vines and plants.
  2. User-friendly: They serve as a partition if you wish to grow different plants and fruits for different uses. With such divisions, you can make your garden look even more appealing and creatively organized to harvest more. The vinyl trellis is an exceptional way to support plants and flowers while adding decorative flair to it.
  3. No maintenance: Vinyl trellis requires no or little maintenance. You can simply wash them with a hose or use a mild soap solution. Our vinyl trellises are made using the highest quality vinyl that contains the high concentration of Titanium Dioxide. The Titanium Dioxide stabilizes UV rays and is known to protect the vinyl from the harmful UV rays of the sun. As the vinyl trellises never fade, peel, crack, or rot and thus there is no need of painting. Also, the vinyl trellises don’t fade with time. After installation the only maintenance needed is a spray with a garden hose and wipe clean.
  4. Wide selection: Vinyl Trellises have defeated the other trellises options in the market because it is available in diverse style, color, design, and patterns. You can choose to keep the purpose and style in mind. If your purpose is gardening and growing flowers, there are some unique options to choose. In case you are confused which vinyl trellis to choose, we even provide personal service and advice to help you make the right selection.

Why Us

With more than 20 years of experience, our team of professionals ensures hassle-free installation and will leave the place neat and tidy. All our products come with lifetime transferrable warranty, and it even includes the cost of replacement and labor if any need arise.